Firebone is an integrated design firm and care lab

We combine the elements of physical environment, human behavior and workflow in a universal business tool that helps healthcare executives organize the entire enterprise around the needs of their patients. This allows leadership to intelligently manage organizational resources across the continuum of care in a way that’s meaningful for all stakeholders and works together to support itself.


Complexity demands the totality of the whole is managed in tandem with its parts, while orchestrating the way the pieces come together. Firebone’s Service Star framework gives you the ability to account for patient needs across the continuum of care in a way that empowers you to intelligently manage enterprise resources.


Firebone helps strategically operationalize learning and development to support providers’ medical, technical, emotional and physical needs. The development and measurement of interventions to improve care requires a healthcare strategy consulting firm of especially adept design practitioners to apply insight from social science.


Today, technology plays an inextricable role in absolutely everything. The Service Elements at the heart of your patient experience design are no exception. Firebone’s understanding of the way people interact with technology and each other will help you design more usable and effective technology applications that support more consistent human behavior.

Setting Yourself Apart In The Marketplace

How will you set yourself apart from your competition if nothing you do is any different from what they’re doing?

When you think of top performance or best-in-class, who or what comes to mind? Record-breaking athletes? A standout stock? The fastest racing team? Well-appointed luxury? To own a spot at the top, don’t you agree that standout performance has to be achieved by doing doing something different than what their peers are doing?

If you expect your hospital’s performance to be distinctive, everything you do must be unique. Beginning with mediocre ingredients and expecting a superior product is an exercise in futility. A successful hospital quality improvement plan does not compromise on the caliber of an exceptional team intentionally building a culture of purpose. Traditional healthcare consulting groups try to make improvement by analyzing and optimizing what already exists. This piecemeal approach yields patchy results in improving patient experience in your hospital, it wastes money, cannibalizes what improvement has been made and has little effect on long-term success.

Trying to Improve HCAHPS Scores?

Whether you’re working to improve HCAHPS or planning for long-term innovation, you need a holistic, systems-based approach to patient experience design. Your patient experience consulting firm should be empowering near term results and long-term success by integrating all of your services elements to consistently and sustainably produce meaningful experiences for patients and a delightful workplace for staff.

What Are You Missing?

To manage your organization amidst the dizzying pace of change, you need a healthcare strategy consulting group that understands the implications of the next-generation delivery model. Firebone uses systems-based, human-centered design to grow capability for exceptional clinical outcomes that builds customer loyalty and increases reimbursement, while reducing costs.

Healthcare organizations depend on Firebone’s Service Star as a universal method to organize their entire enterprise around the needs of the patient to intelligently manage resources across the continuum of care in a way that’s self-supporting and meaningful for all stakeholders.

Firebone Service Star

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